Christian Education

What is education?  Every culture and society has some system of education, whereby the young of the society are brought up in the traditions and norms of that society.  Education is the impartation of knowledge and a philosophy of life.  One’s view of the world will determine an individual’s value system, which will influence behaviour.  The collective behaviour of all individuals will determine the nature of that society.
It is important for us to recognise the biblical Christian principles that we should be teaching our children?   They are simply that God applies to all of life.  There is no area that is not under His control.  As human beings in rebellion against Him, we have tried to ignore Him and His laws for our lives, but that does not mean that He can be excluded from our lives with impunity.  He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.  There is no subject of which God in Christ is not the centre, no area in which He has nothing to say.  We learn about God’s creation at school, at Church, at home and through nature.  We need to acknowledge Him as Lord and obey His precepts.  We need to take particular care that we attend to the education of our children, so that a generation will grow up who does know the Lord, and how His truth applies in all practical situations.  We need to assume the responsibility to educate our children in these important areas and we firmly believe that the Lord will give us the wisdom and help to do just that.

Independent Examination Board (I.E.B.) Senior Certificate Examinations

The curriculum allows learners to write recognised Matric examinations so that they can enter tertiary institutions. St Marks Community School is registered with the Independent Examination Board (I.E.B.) along with other private, independent schools throughout our country. As well as having South African recognition, the I.E.B. Examinations are internationally benchmarked and many candidates are directly accepted into overseas universities.

National curriculum and Assessment

As is required by National policy, we as a school fully adhere to the requirements of the National Curriculum and Policy and are assessed and moderated by the Independent Examination Board who works in close association with the National Department of Education and UMALUSI.


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2013 Term Dates

1st Term:
16 January – 28 March

2nd Term:
08 April – 21 June

3rd Term:
15 July – 20 September

4th Term:
01 October – 04 December