About Us

A Brief History

The old adage that history repeats itself will prove true, as St Marks Community School in Cape Road moves ahead. More than 100 years ago, a school called “St Marks” was run in Elizabeth Street, North End, Port Elizabeth. Businessmen and women who attended the school still speak in glowing terms of their years at St Marks. Although our school in Westering has no links with the former school by the same name, it is interesting that we too are named St Marks and have a similar vision to teach Christian principles to boys and girls in our community.  We are interdenominational (not a Catholic school) and reach out to parents, guardians and learners from various Christian backgrounds.

General Information

St Marks accommodates 235 learners from Pre-Primary to Grade 12. The Foundation and Intermediate phase classes (Grade R to 6) can take a maximum of 18 learners per class, and the Senior and High School classes a maximum of 20 learners. Presently we have one class per grade, with 18 qualified staff members, three full time administrators, four assistant staff members and six support staff members.

School Motto

Our school motto is `Stete’ (a Greek word) meaning to “Stand Firm.”  We will encourage all learners to stand firm in the faith as they face the challenges of life.

School Badge

Our school badge depicts the Church building with its seven pillars representing the unity of the Spirit as found in Ephesians 4:4-6; one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all.

School Song

Our school song speaks of the victorious life found in Jesus Christ our Lord, and of the blessed hope that makes being a Christian exciting and relevant.

"Lift our voices, triumphant sing
We’re one family, and Christ our King
In work and play, and come what may
We will prepare, stand firm, Stete
Stand firm Stete."


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2013 Term Dates

1st Term:
16 January – 28 March

2nd Term:
08 April – 21 June

3rd Term:
15 July – 20 September

4th Term:
01 October – 04 December